Jumpy Ambulance



Jumpy Ambulance is a free Simulation Driving Ambulance Addictive game. Its an classical style 8 bit game for all ages.



Gameplay is very simple with very simple controls. You just have to tap and jump and avoid any collisions and reach the destination. Game ends when you reach the final point. Its a challenging game with difficulty increasing as you go.




 Life System:

If your energy gets low, you need a life to continue. There are number of ways to earn lives both free and paid. If you are unwilling to pay try any of the amazing free methods to earn Life.

 Other Features:

If you think thats all, then you are mistaken. There are tons of other features including

- Facebook and Twitter Sharing

- Hourly Free Lives

- Other methods for Free Lives

- Leaderboards

- Achievements

- Stats




So what are you waiting for. Lets play this free game. Its freely available for iOS and Android

Get it on Google Play