The Lone Survivor

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Tired of playing old games? Looking for a action filled game? Then Cemetery Zombies is for you. An Action filled game in which you are the ultimate hero of an innocent city. 

Once happy city got attacked by the zombies of the Dark Shadow.




Creating chaos and panic among the people.



Be their ultimate saviour and master the art of shooting. Kill the nasty zombies, send them back to the graves and save your people.



 Choose from a variety of weapons, shoot with accuracy. Found a flying zombie? No problem, use your free jetpack. Kill with two most important weapons. The bomb launcher and the rocket launcher.




Unlock new weapons and locations by collecting coins and other collectables.


 Complete game center achievements and in game achievements to earn bonus points and coins.

ingame Acheivements


But zombies attack you too. They spit green fire and attack you directly. Save yourself from their attacks otherwise you will use health.

Zombie Hit


If your health reaches zero, revive otherwise you are dead.



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The Lone Survivor

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