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 Forest Ride is a game in which you travel through 5 amazing forests. Thats not it. Pick from a variety of vehicles to ride. Collect coins to unlock new forests and vehicles. And if its still not enough, compete with your friends through game center integration. Its a complete game for you, travel in any forest you like riding in a vehicle of your choice.

The Game Play is very easy just two controls. Move back move forward. Yes thats it. Still not satisfied? Then amuse yourself with eye catching artwork. Its simply a game which you will definitely play regularly.


Main Menu:

So, lets start with the main menu of the game.

Forest Ride Main Menu

Simple as well as attractive, isn't it? Restore Purchases from any other device, change the settings of the game as required, view tutorial of the game. Visit store to buysprays(covered later). And want to earn more coins? Then buy more coins through in app purchase in the store. Its that easy.

 Location Selection Screen:

 Next let us see the forest selection screen.

Forest Ride Location Selection Screen


Just tap on the buttons to go through various forests and play in the forest you like most. 5 forests are there for you.

  • The Green Forest
  • The Grey Forest
  • The Desert Forest
  • The Rain Forest
  • The Dark Forest

They sound cool? They are indeed cool, beautiful backdrops with beautiful sounds completes the environment.


Ride Selection Screen:

Next thing you choose is your ride.

Ride Selection Screen

Here too, you have many options. Start from wagon and end at the mighty red car. Every vehicle has its own qualities. Some are good in speed while some are good in balance. Choose the one which fits your style of driving. Choose anyone of the following vehicles:

  • The Incredible Starter
  • The Super Bike
  • The Blue Shiner
  • The Heavy Duty Truck
  • The Sparkling Red Car


Game Play:

Take a look at the amazing forests:

The Green Forest:

Green Forest


The Grey Forest:

Grey Forest


The Desert Forest:


The Rain Forest:

Rain Forest


The Dark Forest:

Dark Forest



Did you notice the animals? Yes you guessed it right, your path will blocked by wild animals. At the moment following 4 animals will block your path:

  • Lion
  • Tiger
  • Elephant
  • Giraffe

More Animals will be added later.


What will you do when an animal blocks your path? You use the spray. Yes sprays are there to get rid of animals. Buy sprays using coins and get your path cleared from animals and reach the destination sooner.

Animal Spray


So thats Forest Ride for you. You will definitely like it. Have a great ride.


Paid Versions:

Forest Ride

Forest Ride HD


Free Versions:

Forest Ride Free

Forest Ride HD Free